Castle Steelhorn was the capital of the Empire of Bracaduun, which dominated much of southern and western Antagarich in the early centuries before the Silence. Constructed by the Wizard-Kings and Knights loyal to the Empire as a shining beacon of imperial power and unity, it was ultimately destroyed by the Barbarian Tyrant, Tarnum.

Rise and fallEdit

The date of Steelhorn's original construction is unknown, but likely took place in the years directly before or after the Silence. In the original war between the Empire and the Barbarian Jarg the Conqueror, Steelhorn was untouched by the rebels, as they did not cross the Wallpeaks and thus did not attempt to bring the Empire down. Several generations later, however, Tarnum would attempt this feat, marching his armies into Bracaduun's home territory to push the Wizards beyond Skyline Bay and all the way to the east coast.

In the last stage of his campaign, Tarnum mustered his combined forces and sieged the Castle, poised to utterly shatter the Empire's backbone and prevent future generations from enslavement under its rule. Steelhorn was defended by one of the Wizard-Kings, Kurl, who presumably perished in the battle. Notably, the Mage Gavin Magnus also participated in this battle and was killed by Behemoths. Magnus would later become the founder and Immortal King of one of the Empire's successor-nations, Bracada.