Puzzle deck Academy

The Academy deck, featuring Gazal, Lady of Secrets.

Steam puzzle: Gazal deck is a deck of cards in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions. It focuses on Academy cards, whose leader is Gazal.

The deck can be bought from the Steam Community Market, for a price. In addition, an exclusive puzzle is added to the campaign list.

Card listEdit

Steam Puzzle: Gazal deck (59 cards)
Name Type Rarity Quantity
Gazal, Lady of Secrets Hero Heroic 1
Loyal rakshasa Creature Rare 1
Rakshasa scout Creature Rare 2
Taweret warrior Creature Rare 1
Angry wyvern Creature Uncommon 2
Chronicler Creature Uncommon 3
Crimson apprentice Creature Uncommon 3
Enslaved harpy Creature Uncommon 3
Rakshasa raja Creature Uncommon 3
Void-tainted djinn Creature Uncommon 1
Arcane archer Creature Common 3
Minotaur brute Creature Common 3
Rakshasa Creature Common 3
Rakshasa skirmisher Creature Common 3
Sea elf archer Creature Common 2
Spinning dervish Creature Common 3
Purity Spell Uncommon 1
Chain heal Spell Common 2
Spirited away Spell Common 2
Sunburst Spell Common 3
Memory lapse Fortune Common 3
Unraveled fate Fortune Common 3
Path of the Ancestors Event Rare 1
Celebrations Event Common 3
Month of the Dancing Flames Event Common 3
Week of the Mercenaries Event Common 1

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