The sprite is a level-one creature available for the Preserve town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Comments Edit

The illustrious sprite is an excellent flier to annoy enemy ranged attackers. Large stacks of sprites cannot be ignored when sent into enemy territory. Their agility and haste make them spectacular in large numbers, and even Level 3 or 4 creatures must be careful that they don't let the sprites get the first shot off.

The sprite has less health than its counterpart, the wolf, but it compensates with more attack and defense, so it is a fairly well-balanced creature. sprites are one of the best level 1 creatures because they are fast, they are cheap and they are plentiful.

Abilities Edit

Flying allows this creature to fly over obstacles, creatures, heroes, and castle walls.

This creature's No Retaliation ability allows it to attack without any chance of retaliation.

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