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Spiders' Den is a Warlord Escape scenario in Legends of Might and Magic. The evil team has the warlord. Players can encounter nasty spiders.

Description Edit

The Evil Warlord seeks the Gate to Another World, and it's up to the forces of Good to stop him!OffBck

Good team Edit

The Evil Warlord, Maximus, seeks a magical Gate that will take him to another world, preferably one that is ripe for conquering. You have managed to set up an ambush for the Warlord, and now must keep him from entering the Gate.OffBck

Evil team Edit

Maximus has at last discovered the location of the Gate to Another World. All that stands between him and his objective are the ever-present forces of Good, and the denizens of the Temple that you now must invade. The Warlord must reach the Gate!OffBck

Gameplay Edit

This scenario takes place in a spider temple, with the teams located on opposite ends. The evil team must get the warlord to a magic gate, located behind the good team's starting position. The good team must stop him.

Good team Edit

The good team should stay near their starting position. Identify all possible entrances to the gate, and prepare to ambush the warlord when he arrives.

It's possible to climb the hanging threads and reach the attic, where one of the players can snipe at approaching enemies. Sorceresses are well suited for this.

Evil team Edit

The evil team should stick together and protect the warlord. If the "Monsters" option is turned on, nasty spiders may drop from the ceiling as they progress, and can present a real problem for players traveling alone.

The team can take the main path to the gate, or go through one of the side rooms. It's also possible to climb the ropes at the start, going through the cobweb-covered attic.

The spider altar at the start can be used to find a secret treasure room with four chests. Simply activate the altar's gem to open it. Note that if the "Monsters" option is turned on, the room will contain a larger-than-normal nasty spider, which can present a challenge.

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