For other creatures of the same name, see Spider.
Icon-Legends Spider Icon-Legends
Spider LoMM
Hit Points: 50
Damage: 5
Range: 400
Speed: 12
Attack Speed: 200
Treasure: 100 gold

With an appearance more like that of a large tick, this variety of Spider is more feared for its poison than for its speed or size.OffBck

The spider is a monster in Legends of Might and Magic. It has a ranged attack that releases a poison cloud with a ten-food radius. This cloud can go through walls and doors, so taking cover is rarely of use.

Players should try to hit them with ranged weapons before they get close enough to attack, or switch to melee to prevent it from using its poison cloud.

Spiders can be encountered in the Dungeons of Dragadune scenario. The stronger version of the spider is the nasty spider.