Icon-Crusaders Spectral avenger Icon-Crusaders
SpectralAvenger Crusaders
Hit Points: 150
Damage: 4 Light, Dark
Speed: Fast
Undead: Yes
Experience: 200
Fire: -400
Air: 50
Water: 50
Earth: 50
Light: 100
Dark: 100
Bash: 80
Slash: 80

The spectral avenger is a monster in the PC version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. It is one of the strongest members of the Legion of the Fallen, and can be found in Cador Sul after it has been attacked by the Legion.

They are usually armed with a Longsword of the Crusader, and carry mana and greater healing potions. They are resistant to weapons and immune to light and dark damage, but are extremely vulnerable to fire.