"Why are you fighting? You have no chance of winning. You barely know how to lift a sword, much less use it! Why not give up?"
Sorrow is a second-level Death Magic spell that costs three spell points and gives the target stack maximum negative morale.


One of the best curses available, Sorrow reduces the target stack's morale to -10, ensuring that they will suffer bad morale every turn. This causes the stack to take their turn only after all other creatures that didn't have bad morale, and also reduces the target stack's damage by 20%.

There are only two real problems with this spell:

1) It doesn't take effect until the turn after it is cast, since morale is only checked for at the beginning of every turn.

2) As a mind spell it only affects creatures with emotions, thus Elementals, constructs, and the undead, are immune.


This spell should be used early, as once you start winning, your enemies' morale may start to fall on its own, rendering this spell's effects superfluous.

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