Soronne is the capital of the Six Shards, and appears in Might and Magic: The Sea of Mist. It was located on the shore of the Brass Sea and was the home of the Magistracy of Soronne, whose magistrates ruled the city.

Soronne stretched over all six shards, with one part of the city in each land. It was the strong center of the nation, and had been built on a series of hills in forested terrain. It was prosperous, and the other nations of Tamarck lusted after its bounty.

At the age of six, Praz-El was sent to study at the Magistracy. During the years he spent there, he made a point of visiting almost every dangerous part of the city. In the fourteenth year of his studies, the city was besieged by the floating city-island known as the Demero, led by the demon Sendark.

Hanged Man's Inn Edit

Main article: Hanged Man's Inn

Hanged Man's Inn was an infamous inn in Soronne, named for the many incidents of hanging that had occurred. Telop Vine and Praz-El learned that a band of thieves were hiding there with their stolen gold, so they broke into their room in the middle of the night, slew most of the bandits, and took their gold for themselves.

Sage's Rebuttal Edit

Main article: Sage's Rebuttal

The Sage's Rebuttal was an alehouse in Soronne, located in the Silken Pleasures District in Gathis. After their fight with the thieves, Telop and Praz-El headed here to spend their gold. They met up with River, and were visited by Lissella Morely. Later, Magistrate Bo sought out Praz-El here, and gave him a letter that had been sent to him from Murlank.

The Nexus Edit

The Nexus was part of the Magistracy, and was the point where the Six Shards came together to form Soronne. Hidden beneath the Nexus was an ancient fountain that would grant divine power to the first person or group that drew from its power. A similar fountain was located on the Isle of the Dead.

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