"If only a song could end all violence forever, but that is the dream of a young man. I am too old to hope."
Song of Peace is a second-level Life Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs three spell points and causes an enemy target within the line of sight of the caster to become unable to attack or cast spells on the caster's army during the next turn.

The spell can be cast by:

Comments Edit

Song of Peace does not prevent the target from moving or casting beneficial spells, therefore making its effect different from Wasp Swarm, Terror, Stun, Confusion and Blind. This can be used effectively against the AI in different situations. For example, if your army consists of units such as pikemen or white tigers, who can hit first/no retaliation, but not go far, you can cast Song of Peace on an AI unit with a high movement rating (i.e. sprite) to bring it close enough to attack. Another frequent and efficient use for Song of Peace is to bring AI units off towers in siege combat and right to the town wall (this is what the AI will do), making them weaker and more vulnerable. Note that these techniques don't generally work on spell casting units who can cast beneficial spells.

Effect of Song Of Peace cancels Berserk spell. So if an enemy cast Berserk on your unit, and your spellcasters lack Exorcism or Dispel, casting Song Of Peace can prevent the beserked unit from harming friendly creatures.

The genie can cast Song of Peace in combat. Splitting off a few genies into single-unit stacks to cast this spell repeatedly in combat is a cheap, but very efficient tactic for defeating much more powerful armies.