"Delnar, Master of Order Magic, resides in the snowy eastern regions of Slart's Fjord. Bohb must defeat him to get the Archmage's Hat and continue his quest."

Slart's Fjord is the second scenario in the Masters of Magic campaign in The Gathering Storm.

Information Edit

"Bohb and Violet have come to the area near Slart's Fjord in their attempt to defeat the Order Wizard Delnar, and at the same time put down the uprising of Clan lord Gurt, a powerful barbarian warrior."

Bohb and Violet managed to defeat the rebellious Clan lord Gurt, and after they struck down Delnar, master of Order Magic, the Archmages' Hat was theirs.

Strategy Edit

On this map, Bohb and Violet start with a Preserve town. There's a neutral Preserve town to the north, and east of that, a neutral Stronghold. Neither is well defended, and can be captured early.

North of that, there's the red Stronghold. Gurt is strong, but his army isn't too impressive, so if Bohb and Violet have good skills and spells from the last scenario, they're capable of taking him out immediately.

East of Gurt's Stronghold, there's a group of Titans blocking the way to the nearby Academy. Those Titans should not be engaged until Bohb and Violet have built up their forces enough to take on Delnar.

To the north, there's a quest hut that will build a pyre in each of the two Preserves, and open the way to a third pyre, when Gurt is defeated.

With Gurt taken care of, Bohb should build up his towns, and gather an army to take on Delnar. East of the original Preserve, he can find the College of Order, similar to the College of Nature from the previous scenario - A Tree of Knowledge, a Magic University, a Library, a Conservatory of Order, and a couple Altars of Order. In addition, there's a Conservatory of Nature southwest of the College.

To the northwest, near the Griffin Cliffs, there's a Tome of Nature.

When his army is sufficiently large, defeating the Titans wil allow him to move east, capturing the Academies (for more Order spells), and take on Delnar.