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Sins of Betrayal is the ninth expansion pack in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions, preceded by the Griffin Bane pack. It is succeeded by Time of Renewal pack. It contains 100 cards, from which:

  • 34 are common
  • 32 are uncommon
  • 20 are rare
  • 8 are unique
  • 6 are heroic

Card listEdit

Sins of Betrayal cards
Name Type Rarity Faction/magic school
Anastasya Hero Heroic Necropolis
Anton Hero Heroic Haven
Elisabeth Hero Heroic Academy
Irina Hero Heroic Sanctuary
Kiril Hero Heroic Inferno
Sandor Hero Heroic Stronghold
Arcane eagle Creature Unique Neutral
Ariana, Chosen of the Void Creature Unique Neutral
Eternal archon Creature Unique Necropolis
Executioner succubus Creature Unique Inferno
Mother harpy Creature Unique Stronghold
Shogun Creature Unique Sanctuary
Time-bender djinn Creature Unique Academy
Warding inqusitor Creature Unique Haven
Arcane master djinn Creature Rare Academy
Agyn mercenary Creature Rare Neutral
Centaur chieftain Creature Rare Stronghold
Cleansing priestess Creature Rare Haven
Eternal mentor Creature Rare Necropolis
Greater kirin Creature Rare Sanctuary
Spell stealer heretic Creature Rare Inferno
Blazing succubus Creature Uncommon Inferno
Blessing inquisitor Creature Uncommon Haven
Dousing kappa Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Elder centaur Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Embers elemental Creature Uncommon Academy
Eternal scholar Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Gust harpy Creature Uncommon Stronghold
Magma elemental Creature Uncommon Neutral
Shark bodyguard Creature Uncommon Sanctuary
Skeleton servant Creature Uncommon Necropolis
Ancient ghost Creature Common Necropolis
Bound succubus Creature Common Inferno
Bursting fire elemental Creature Common Neutral
Captive djinn Creature Common Academy
Centaur sharpshooter Creature Common Stronghold
Eternal apprentice Creature Common Necropolis
Eternal disciple Creature Common Necropolis
Fountain spirit Creature Common Sanctuary
Juvenile centaur Creature Common Stronghold
Lesser glory Creature Common Haven
Pao harpy Creature Common Stronghold
Pao scout Creature Common Stronghold
Surging djinn Creature Common Academy
Ur-Jubaal's minion Creature Common Inferno
Vine trap Spell Uncommon Earth
Wolf priest Creature Common Haven
Blast of wind Spell Rare Air
Frozen wave Spell Rare Water
Flaring rage Spell Rare Fire
Illusionary nightmare Spell Rare Dark
Magic steal Spell Rare Prime
Nature's wrath Spell Rare Earth
Sunrise Spell Rare Light
Alone in the Dark Spell Uncommon Dark
Fire rain Spell Uncommon Fire
Holy sacrifice Spell Uncommon Haven
Ice curse Spell Uncommon Water
Prime shield Fortune Uncommon Prime
Storm rage Spell Uncommon Air
Foreknowledge Fortune Rare Sanctuary
Darkness curse Fortune Common Dark
Dissolve Fortune Common Prime
Fire splash Fortune Common Fire
Holy light Fortune Common Light
Ice spear Fortune Common Water
Nature's fortitude Fortune Common Earth
Wind arrows Fortune Common Air
The Shadow of Death Fortune Rare Necropolis
Beastman warcry Fortune Uncommon Stronghold
Construction Fortune Uncommon Haven
Magic deal Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Magic interdiction Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Overwhelming forces Fortune Uncommon Neutral
Scarification Fortune Uncommon Inferno
Shifting fates Fortune Uncommon Academy
Frozen fists Fortune Common Sanctuary
Ritual of the Dark Flame Fortune Common Inferno
Ritual of Weakness Fortune Common Necropolis
Supply caravan Fortune Common Haven
Typhoon Fortune Common Sanctuary
Void trap Fortune Common Academy
Altar of Elemental Affinity Building Rare Academy
Angel's temple Building Rare Haven
Jungle outpost Building Rare Stronghold
Throne of Ahribban Building Rare Inferno
Chapel of Elrath Building Uncommon Haven
Crimson tower Building Uncommon Academy
Free mage altar Building Uncommon Neutral
Heretic library Building Uncommon Inferno
Statue of the Spider Goddess Building Uncommon Necropolis
Toril of the Eternal Empress Building Uncommon Sanctuary
Warding pillars Building Uncommon Neutral
Holy lighthouse Building Common Haven
Mercenary hill fort Building Common Neutral
Portal of House Anima Building Common Academy
Shalassa's temple Building Common Sanctuary
Walls of destruction Building Common Inferno
Waning Moon Event Uncommon Neutral
Week of the Elementals Event Common Neutral

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