Icon-Crusaders Shambler Icon-Crusaders
Hit Points: 150
Strength: 30
Level: 4
Experience: 1600
Normal: 30
Fire: 25
Air: 25
Water: 25
Earth: 25
Mind: 25
Spirit: 25
Body: 25
Light: 10
Dark: 45

These are corpses which have been recently reanimated (before they regain memory). Their name is derived from the manner in which they shamble around like zombies until they regain memory of their previous life and become sentient.OffBck

The shambler is a monster in the Playstation version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. It is the weakest member of the Legion of the Fallen, similar to the skeleton warrior in the PC version. It is the first enemy unit that Drake encounters.

They are very common in the early parts of the game. They tend to be found in groups, or together with a twice born. Usually, a shambler is armed with a mace, and carries 70 gold.

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