A Necromancer, Sekhbeth was one of the first lords of Iluma Nadin, and perhaps even the builder of the great city. He was burnt at the stake by Wizards during the War of the Broken Staff, but his actions loosely influenced events that happened centuries after.

Background Edit

During the War, Sekhbeth ordered his Vampires to answer his call of war if needed. The signal never came, as Sekhbeth was killed before having an opportunity to bring reinforcements. His Vampires waited for the call for over 150 years, and with the passing of the time they went into a slumber.

In 971 YSD, Arantir, new lord of Iluma Nadin, ventured into the catacombes, searching for the Vampires. He soon found them, and informed them of what has happened on the surface for the past century. Accepting Arantir as their new master, the Vampires assisted him in the wars against Orlando.