Search for the Secret
Chronological information
Dateca. 681 VCY
Preceded bySheltem's Jailbreak (ca 677 VCY)
Followed byThe Pursuit (ca 682 VCY)
Political information
WorldsVARN-4 of the CRON Vehicle
LocationsSorpigal, Erliquin, Dusk, The Fabled Castle Doom, Stronghold in the Enchanted Forest, Castle Alamar, Soul Maze, Astral Plane, Inner Sanctum
FactionsCastle Alamar
The Ancients
CommandersSheltem the Dark
Corak the Mysterious, Orango Seventeen, VARN adventurers, King Alamar
Game information
Occurred inIcon-MM1
Mentioned inIcon-MM5

The Search for the Secret refers to the events of Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum. Having rebelled against and defeated the Guardian Corak the Mysterious and agent Orango Seventeen, the corrupt Guardian Sheltem landed his commandeered void-ship on VARN-4 of the CRON Vehicle. Soon after, an adventuring party on the VARN began to roam the land, hoping to learn the secret of the Inner Sanctum.


After landing, Sheltem connected to the VARN-4's Wire and, learning there was no fuel on the nacelle to enable his return to Terra, ambushed King Alamar and usurped his identity to disguise himself from the Ancients' agents. Over the following four years, Sheltem began to abuse the people of his realm, ordering the release of captive monsters, cutting down forests and doubling taxes while waiting for the CRON Vehicle to land on Terra. Corak, meanwhile, roamed the land, seeking Sheltem in Castle Dragadune and Dusk, while Orango Seventeen sought him in the Astral Plane.

Four years after Sheltem's masquerade began, a group of adventurers - Crag the Hack, Sir Galand, Zenon III, Swifty Sarg, Serena and Wizz Bane - regrouped in Sorpigal and set out to discover the mystery of the long-forgotten Inner Sanctum. After delivering a Vellum Scroll to the spellcaster Agar in Erliquin, and later to Telgoran of Dusk, they were charged with locating the brothers Zam and Zom in Portsmith. The brothers led them to the Stronghold in the Enchanted Forest, where they came upon a Gold Key.

While carrying out the bidding of the Lords Ironfist, Hacker, and Inspectron, the adventurers journeyed to the court of Lord Alamar, secretly Sheltem. "Alamar" commanded them to find the Crypt of Carmenca, an impossible task since no such location existed on VARN-4. In The Fabled Castle Doom, the adventurers came upon the prison of the true King Alamar, and released him with the key. Grateful, the King explained the nature of Sheltem-as-Alamar and entrusted them with the Eye of Goros.

They returned to Castle Alamar and announced the true identity of "Alamar" to the court. Sheltem, confronted, banished them to the Soul Maze, avoiding battle, but - certain that they would soon spread the word to the Ancients' agents and break his connection with the Wire - fled to another VARN through the Gates to Another World, allowing King Alamar to resume his reign. Meanwhile, the adventurers navigated the Soul Maze, encountering Orango Seventeen, who proclaimed they were now "rank 1 and eligible for transfer", rewarding them for uncovering Sheltem with access to the Inner Sanctum.

When they finally located the Inner Sanctum within the Astral Plane, they encountered a mysterious man in a white coat - the Data Keeper. He rewarded them with their rating, commending them for their progress and making them eligible for transfer to other VARNs. However, the threat of Sheltem still loomed beyond the Gates to Another World.


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