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Seamanship is a subskill of scouting in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. This skill increases the movement of a hero on the sea, and grants the Tactics, Offense, and Defense skills during combat on the sea.

Skill LevelsEdit

Skill Level Power
BasicIncreases Sea Movement by 25%
Grants Basic Tactics, Offense, and Defense
AdvancedIncreases Sea Movement by 50%
Grants Advanced Tactics, Offense, and Defense
ExpertIncreases Sea Movement by 100%
Grants Expert Tactics, Offense, and Defense
MasterIncreases Sea Movement by 150%
Grants Master Tactics, Offense, and Defense
GrandmasterIncreases Sea Movement by 200%
Grants Grandmaster Tactics, Offense, and Defense

Some artifacts, such as the Logbook of the Master Sailor, increase the hero's movement at sea.

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