Sar Khayn is a character appearing in Heroes Online.


Sar Khayn was a Dragon Knight. He once warned the other Dragon Knights about the danger that someone could use the Songline to summon Elrath and harm him. Since nobody really listened to him, Sar Khayn went away into hiding.


In Chapter 3, Sar Khayn is a boss creature, having 50000 Hit Points, 15000 might attack (melee) and retaliation damage, 10 initiative and 5 speed (walking). In addition, he has 90% melee and ranged, 100% light, -25% darkness and fire, 50% prime and 80% siege resistances. He also has the following abilities:

  • Crazed Roar - Stuns all Enemy Stacks within an area around the user.
    • Effect Radius - 2
    • Duration - 3 rounds
    • Effect: Stun
      • Unable to act
  • Feast on Fear - Heals a portion of Damage every Round.
    Resurrects fallen Creatures.
    • Healing - 5000
  • Indomitable - Grants immunity to all negative effects.
    • Effect: Indomitable
      • Immune to Negative Effects

In Chapter 4, Sar Khayn is a boss creature, having 45000 Hit Points, 2000 might attack (melee) and 1000 might retaliation, 10 initiative and 4 speed (flying). In addition, he has 50% melee and prime, 25% light, darkness, fire, water, earth, air and -50% ranged resistances. He also has the following abilities:

  • Inner Dragon's Fury - Increases Melee Might Damage but decreases Resistance against Melee Might Damage and Ranged Might Damage.
    This effect can stack.
    • Charges - 4
    • Cooldown - 3 rounds
    • Effect: Inner Dragon's Fury
      • Melee Might Resistance - 15%
      • Range Might Resistance - 15%
      • Melee Might Damage - +25%


Chapter 3: The Whispering PlainsEdit

Interlude: The Spirit WorldEdit

Chapter 4: The LightlandsEdit


Sar Khayn appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.

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