"I seek only safety and an understanding of the world"
—In-game description
Sanctuary is a powerful Life Magic spell from Heroes of Might and Magic IV.


It protects all friendly troops from spells and attacks. If a troop takes any action other than "defend", "wait", or "move", the Sanctuary ends.OffBck

This spell will make all of your creatures immune to any damage. Sanctuary ends for each individual stack when that stack attacks, uses an ability or casts a spell.


  • There is no way to break an opponent's Sanctuary.
  • If both Heroes of two opposing armies cast this, nobody can win until either army uses a non-targeting ability, or casts a non-targeting or friendly spell, as only that would make any stack vulnerable.
  • It is unknown what would happen if there were no creatures with non-targeting or friendly abilities, and only two Heroes with Sanctuary as their sole spell. In theory, this would create an unbreakable stalemate.

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