Sanctuary is a faction in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.

The Nagas of the Lotus Empire have pledged their lives to the sacred precepts and worthy principles of the Eternal Empress, and worship the Dragon Goddess of Water. Whether Daimyo, Priestess or Warrior, honor and duty determine every action: invaders and usurpers are put to the sword without question.OffBck

Playing styleEdit

The naga's tactics are to control the battlefield. This is done with Outmaneouvre ability to relocate a creature, then Hypnotize to make it unable to move from that spot. The placing of units is quite important in this faction, especially with creatures with Honor ability. Water is the primary school of the faction.

The creatures of the faction are mostly naga, which are priests, warriors, spies, spirits and beastmen (sharks).


Lists of cards
Sanctuary DoC
Heroes Creatures Spells (Water) Fortunes Buildings
  • Card back with Sanctuary faction logo
  • Card back, silver premium version
  • Card back, gold premium version


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