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The Runemage is the hero class associated with the Fortress faction in Heroes of Might and Magic V. The Runemages are magic heroes, and their racial skill, Runelore, allows them to imbue their creatures with special beneficial effects that require resources to be activated.

They use a mammoth as mount, and the weapon of their choice is the hammer. The Runemages prefer melee combat.

Attributes Edit

When leveling up, the Runemages improve their attributes almost balanced, but they have a preference towards Defense and Spellpower.

Skills and Perks Edit

Absolute Protection Edit


Absolute Protection is the Runemage racial skill. It requires the following skills and subskills:

Hammers of Fate Edit

Tribes of the East Edit

Normal attacks against hero's creatures are always unlucky. Lucky attacks are turned to normal. If enemy has Nature's Luck perk, effects of both perks are nullified.

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