The rune patriarch is an elite creature of the Fortress in Might & Magic: Heroes VII add-on, Trial by Fire. It is the upgraded form of the rune priest.

Certain highly-skilled Rune Priests who undergo consecrating rites in the most secret halls of the Deepflame clan become Rune Patriarchs. They are the closest things the Dwarves have to an impartial power, and are occasionally called upon to settle clan conflicts before they can destabilize the nation.OffBck


Rune of Balance Rune of Balance
The player controlling the creature can summon one "Primordial Rune" for any combat the creature participates in. The Primordial Rune is placed on the battlefield and generates a 3x3 area of effect. Friendly creatures in the area of the Primordial Rune get a Luck buff and the negative buffs affecting them are removed. Enemy creatures in the area of the Primordial Rune get a Luck debuff and the positive buffs affecting them are removed.
The controlling player can deploy the Rune of Balance. It has 3x3 aura that distributes all damage to one friendly creature in the aura between all friendly creatures in the aura. Once per combat the rune can remove all positive buffs from enemy creatures within its aura and all negative buffs from friendly creatures within its aura.OffBck
Rune Teleport Rune Teleport
The creature teleports itself to the current position of a friendly rune positioned on any unoccupied tile. This destroys the rune for the rest of the combat while the creature inherits the aura ability of the destroyed rune for the rest of the combat.
The creature teleports itself to location of a friendly rune. The rune is destroyed and the creature gains it aura ability until the end of combat.OffBck


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