Emperor Ronan Falcon I was the founder and the first ruler of the Falcon Empire. He unified all the human kingdoms in 3 YSD, and established what became the precursor of the Holy Griffin Empire. Initially, the Falcon Empire served Ylath, the Elemental Dragon of Air. The human race itself was associated with Ylath in the beginning, but the Empire soon turned to Elrath during a following monarch's reign.

Falcon the Great was succeeded by his son, Emperor Brian Falcon. Brian Falcon instituted the Church of the Dragon of Light, and renamed the Empire into the Holy Falcon Empire.

Sar-Elam, the Seventh Dragon, prophesied that "the Falcon line shall endure as long as the world does." This prophecy is ambiguous, even if an entire Heroes V scenario, Falcon's Last Flight, is dedicated to the event in which the Demons unsuccessfully attempted to exterminate the Falcon house. In the scenario, it is clearly shown that in Sar-Elam's prophecy, "world" should be interpreted only as "world of men", and it's ending literally translates into the beginning of Demonic reign over Ashan, and the coming of the Dark Messiah.