RockhamMM6 map

Map of Rockham[1]

Rockham is a tiny village in Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. It is located in the Free Haven region, west of the town of Freehaven.

Map guide Edit

  1. Temple of the Moon: Dungeon.
  2. Home of Miriam Boyer, weapons master hireling.
  3. Home of Renee Blackburn, who buys golden pyramids.
  4. Home of Jason Traveler, who teaches master body building, and Rebecca Traveler.
  5. Home of Lon Miller, who buys bones.
  6. Home of Davis Carp, who buys lodestones.
  7. Rockham's Pride: Inn. Location of Chadwick Blackpoole, who is needed for the Get nomination from Chadwick quest. Also the location of the innkeeper Charles, and Lisa Janway, minor NPC.
  8. Magic well that releases monsters.

Sources Edit

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