"A robber's armor is limited to ring mail and shield. Weapons include sling, crossbow and all one-handed weapons, such as a short sword or dagger. As experience levels increase, the robber increases his/her ability to pick locks and disarm traps. A robber's fighting abilities equal those of a cleric."

The Robber is one of the six classes in Might and Magic I. The robber can wield one-handed and ranged weapons, and wear light armor. They are more useful for their ability to pick locks and disarm traps than for their fighting skills. They are one of the two classes that can't cast spells, the other being the knight.

All characters can become robbers, regardless of their starting attributes. The base hit point growth of a robber is between 1 and 8 hit points per level.

Swifty Sarg is the pre-made robber character in the game.

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