Rhianwen is a character appearing in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.


Rhianwen is a knightess, who asks the hero for their assistance. She is trying to find Albin, the ambassador, who wanted to negotiate with her father, Baron Madog. However, Albin and Madog were to meet at Amber Thorn cathedral, which has been overrun by demons. To protect the camp, Rhianwen had to destroy the bridge leading to the cathedral.


Rhianwen is a hero, who can cast following abilities:

  • Call to Arms: "Increases Might Damage of the Target Stack."
    • Duration - 2 rounds
    • Cooldown - 2 rounds
  • Healing Herbs: "Heals the Target Stack."
    • Healing - 120
    • Cooldown - 2 rounds




Rhianwen appears only in Might & Magic: Heroes Online.

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