Resurrection is both a skill and a spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Skill Edit


Resurrection is a subskill of Life Magic. This skill allows a hero to resurrect a certain percentage of slain allied troops after battle. Undead, mechanical and elemental units can't be resurrected.

Actual number of troops is rounded down, so if hero has Grandmaster Resurrection, and 3 troops were slain, only one will be resurrected (3/2=1.5, round down).

Skill LevelsEdit

Skill Level Power
Basic 20%
Advanced 30%
Expert 40%
Master 45%
Grandmaster 50%

There are two artifacts affecting the Resurrection skill:

  1. Ankh of Life - gives +5% if the hero has the Resurrection skill, otherwise acts as Basic Resurrection.
  2. Saint Ranan's Staff - gives + 20% if the hero has the Resurrection skill, otherwise acts as Basic Resurrection.

There is also one advanced class, Cardinal (Life Magic + Nobility), that has a +5% bonus to the Resurrection skill.



"Of course, there are limits to what you can do, but if you expose the recently dead to pure Life Magic you can bring them back to life."
Brings a certain number of hit points of dead creatures back to life for each caster.OffBck

Resurrection is a Life Magic spell. It cannot be found in spellbooks, but it cast by angels in combat and costs twenty spell points. The spell resurrects 92 hit points from any friendly stack, alive or dead, per angel.

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