Rescue the Dwarven Prince is a quest in the PC version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. Drake arrives in Corantha to ask King Stoneheart for the Horn of Shattering, but the dwarven leaders tell him that the king is dead, and his son Dain has been kidnapped by the Ironpicks. Drake must enter the Corantha Mines and rescue the prince.

Walkthrough Edit

Drake entered the mine and began to battle the Ironpick rebels and zealots. Deep in the mines, he also encountered rock and lava elementals.

With his enemies defeated, Drake freed Dain from his cell. Back in the throne room, Dain told Drake that he'd like to give him the Horn of Shattering, but didn't have the authority to do it without the Scepter of Regency - the symbol of dwarven kingship. Drake went out to retrieve the scepter from the ogres of Duskwood.