The Island of Regna, often shortly referred to as Regna, is the capitol and base of operations of the Regnan Empire. The island is in the shape of a half-moon and has a smaller island in the middle, where their shops and the Pirate Stronghold are located.


Before the Regnan Empire, Regna Island was home to the ancestors of the Trolls of Ironsand. Wielding the magical blade named "Judicious Measure," Hareck I led a force of Sea Raiders against the Trolls. The Trolls were ousted, and the Regnan Empire was founded, with Regna Isle being the seat of power.

During the events of Might and Magic VIII, the Island of Regna was ruled by Dread Pirate Stanley and was used as a base for the operation of the siege of the Dagger Wound Islands and, later on, Ravenshore. The pirates used new means of transport, a submarine, to resupply their troops on Dagger Wound without being detected by their enemies. They also had a network of hidden underground tunnels that connected two watchtowers, the Pirate Stronghold and the Abandoned Pirate Keep.

Stanley had built a huge fleet of pirate ships that he used for patrolling the seas and robbing ships. He had also planned to use a huge cannon and a Cannonball of Dominion to further improve the power of the Regnan Empire by having a ship that is capable of sinking entire fleets; however, since the cannon was extremely heavy, building a ship that could mount the cannon was a challenge and took too long to make the cannon of any use for the Regnans.

Most ships of the Regnan fleet were gathered on the north-western side of the island, when the Hero of Jadame and their followers infiltrated the island. They discovered the underground network, managed to find the experimental Cannonball of Dominion and used it against the Regnan fleet itself.


The Island of Regna was home for a large number of pirates and, surprisingly, a lot of pirate mages, such as Pirate Battlemages and Pirate Sorcerers. Regna was the home for two grandmaster magic instructors - Sithicus Shadowrunner, the grandmaster of Dark Magic, and Aldrin Cleareye, the grandmaster of Light Magic. Both lived on the central island, along with grandmasters of other skills: Jasper Steelcoif - Armsmaster, Gareth Lifter - Disarm Trap, Miyon Dragontracker - Sword, Karla Nirses - Dagger and Seline Burnkindle - Chain Armor.

The central island also had a number of shops: Gifts of Regna (magic shop), Poultices and Cures (alchemist), Karr Battlegear (armor shop) and Custom Cutlass (weapon shop) as well as an inn, Pirate's Rest, and a temple, The Blessed Sea.

Most of the less rich pirates lived on the atoll, in one of the two villages - one to the west and one to the south of the main city, both of which have their own water sources - wells. The half-moon shaped atoll also had the Abandoned Pirate Keep, which wasn't so abandoned when the events of Might and Magic VIII took place. It was in fact a part of the Passage under Regna, the tunnel system that allowed pirates to travel under the island and reach the most important buildings with ease. Two towers at both ends of the atoll were connected through the tunnels as well. Near the Abandoned Pirate Keep, the experimental Cannon of Dominion was assembled for testing purposes. To the north-east of the main city was a cave of the dragon of Regna.

The central island had a few landmarks as well. It was the home for the Pirate Stronghold, the main defensive fortress of the whole area. Near the stronghold, a Small Sub Pen was constructed for their submarine. The dock of the city was located to the west of the stronghold. Spindrift, the ship, took people from Regna to Ravenshore and the Dagger Wound Islands. The city itself had a fountain for teleportation and an Air Resistance pedestal.


  • There is an unused Smacker file in the game's resource files showing a pirate spell shop that was cut from the game.
  • Some of the houses on Regna seem to have huge minotaur statues, although their inhabitants are humans. Other places, such as shops and other houses, have snake attributes, so the graphic for Minotaur houses might have been misplaced.