A Fire diviner, Raylon was an antagonist in Masters of Magic, a campaign from Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm. Taking possession over the Ring of Flares, an artifact once worn by the great Archmage Nevar, he proclaimed himself Master of Chaos magic.


Self-proclaimed Master of Chaos Magic.OffBck

Raylon was one of the five mages that took possession over one of the artifacts once worn by Nevar. After obtaining the powerful Ring of Flares, he self-proclaimed him as Master of Chaos Magic.

When Hexis's rise to power threatened the entire Devonshire, the Archmage Bohb embarked on a quest to assemble all five of Nevar's lost artifacts so he could use them against the crazed Wizard. After escalating Mt. Anon, he successfully defeated Raylon and retrieved the Ring from him.

Raylon dwelt on the fiery peaks of Mt. Anon.


Raylon features as an antagonist in Mt. Anon, the fourth scenario from the Masters of Magic campaign. He is a Level 24 Fire Diviner, equipped with the Ring of Flares, the Crossbow, the Cloak of Warding, the Elven Chain Mail and the Mayhem Staff. He is skilled in Expert Combat, Basic Melee, Basic Archery, Expert Scouting, Expert Pathfinding, Grandmaster Chaos magic, Grandmaster Conjuration, Grandmaster Pyromancy.

Raylon knows knows the Armageddon, Bloodfrenzy, Bloodlust, Cat Reflexes, Chain lightning, Cloud of Confusion, Confusion, Disintegrate, Fire Aura, Fire Bolt, Fire Ring, Fireball, First Strike, Haste, Implosion, Inferno, Lightning, Magic Arrow, Magic Mirror, Mana Flare, Mass Misfortune, Mass Slayer, Misfortune, Pain Mirror, Slayer and Sparks spells.

Since the map's objective is to acquire the Ring of Flares, and Raylon is wearing it, he must be battled and defeated.


Raylon appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm