Ravage Roaming

Ravage Roaming is a region in Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer. It is a barren land with a lake in the middle. There are no shops on this map.

Places of interestEdit

  1. Xevius (buys wyvern horns for 1500 gold)
  2. Bull's Eye Inn (room for 53 gold, food for 40 days for 213 gold)
  3. Vish
  4. Pordo
  5. Galvinus (black potion quest)
  6. Davee Sail
  7. Cagnor (buys Forged Credit Vouchers and sells Ground Wyvern Horn for 7500 gold)
  8. six chests with artifact
  9. two chests
  10. obelisk with word amonghiss
  11. entry to Balthazar Lair
  12. test of random attribute (100 needed)
  13. gate to the Plane of Water
  14. Church of Eep
  15. Barbarian Fort
  16. Crypt of Korbu
  17. Mind Resistance Pedestal


This map has three kinds of monsters. In the northern part are located wyverns, horned wyverns and ancient wyverns, in the southern brass, bronze and iron gorgons. In the northwest corner of the map are ogre brawlers, ogre warriors and ogre warleaders.

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