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Classes Ranger (Might)
Druid (Magic)
Campaign heroes Gelu
Units H3Icon-Centaur Centaur (Centaur captain)
H3Icon-Dwarf Dwarf (Battle dwarf)
H3Icon-WoodElf Wood elf (Grand elf)
H3Icon-Pegasus Pegasus (Silver pegasus)
H3Icon-DendroidGuard Dendroid guard (Dendroid soldier)
H3Icon-Unicorn Unicorn (War unicorn)
H3Icon-GreenDragon Green dragon (Gold dragon)
Unique buildings Mystic Pond (Fountain of Fortune)
Grail building Spirit Guardian
Elemental bias Water
Alignment Good
Primary resource Crystal
Kingdom AvLee
Contested Lands
Game Icon-H3
Heroes of Might & Magic III Rampart Town Theme (1998 NWC) Animated02:47

Heroes of Might & Magic III Rampart Town Theme (1998 NWC) Animated

Rampart is a faction in Heroes of Might and Magic III. Its heroes are the ranger and the druid.

Troop roster Edit

  1. Centaur (upg. centaur captain)
  2. Dwarf (upg. battle dwarf)
  3. Wood elf (upg. grand elf)
  4. Pegasus (upg. silver pegasus)
  5. Dendroid guard (upg. dendroid soldier)
  6. Unicorn (upg. war unicorn)
  7. Green dragon (upg. gold dragon)

The Rampart Edit

The following is an introduction to the Rampart faction that was written by New World Computing employees and published on the Nether Gods, a Heroes III fan site that later went down. The text is reproduced in its entirety below.

"Based on many of your questions, I have chosen the Rampart city as my topic for today. The Rampart cities of Erathia are most similar to the Sorceress cities of Enroth. Found mostly in remote and heavily forested areas, they are, as one would imagine, populated by creatures of nature.

To start with, the Rangers and Druids no longer serve as troops in the armies of Erathia. Instead, they have risen to join the elite few who become heroes of this land, and it is the creatures of the Ramparts who now serve them.

Whenever a new Rampart is constructed, it is the gentle Centaurs and sturdy Dwarves who arrive first to pledge their loyalty. In fact, once you offer proper training to the Dwarves, they will begin to "horde," bringing both additional units and income to your city.

Before you know it, Elves will begin to join your city, Wood Elves at first, then Grand Elves as time passes. More amazingly, once they are convinced of the cause you fight for, the Elves will begin to bring to the Rampart their great Pegasi mounts, creatures both beautiful and deadly, to join your armies.

One day you will suddenly find yourself surprised when you learn that apparently overnight, the trees themselves have come alive! Great and noble Treefolk, who you discover have been watching your progress very carefully, offer to join your ranks, and as word of your success spreads throughout the forest, mystical Unicorns will show themselves, also ready to do battle in the name of good.

But it does not end there. When at last word of your heroic deeds reaches the far corners of the world, massive Green Dragons, and their elder Golden kin, will begin to arrive. Your success is almost assured!

Beautiful, noble and elegant. These are the traits that can be found uniformly in the creatures that inhabit the Rampart cities of Erathia.

So ends our discussion for today. If you have any requests for which of Erathia's cities you would like to learn about next, please voice them here.

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