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Raelag, as Agrael (above) and as "himself" (below)
Introduced in Heroes of Might and Magic V
Class Demon Lord (as Agrael)
Warlock (as Raelag)
Race Dark Elf
Gender Male
Native world Ashan
Status Alive (as of Hammers of Fate)
Occupation Ruler of Ygg-Chall
Clan leader
Kha-Beleth's agent (formerly)
Affiliation Ygg-Chall
Kha-Beleth (formerly)
Aliases Agrael
Relatives Tuidhana - mother
Eruina - half-sister
Menan - brother
Sylsai - brother
Appearances Icon-H5Icon-H5X1Icon-H6Icon-H6X3
Mentioned in Icon-H5X2
Voiced by Eric Connor

"Well, things just got simple. And a lot more complicated."

Raelag is a character that appears in Heroes of Might and Magic V and Might & Magic: Heroes VI.


Abandoning SylannaEdit

Raelag is one of Tuidhana's three sons and heir of her throne. He is an amibitous Warlock who outsmarts his opponents, often being underestimated.

He was one of the first Elves to accept to worship Malassa, dealing with the Faceless to abandon Sylanna. He battled against his enemies, though the Dwarves attacked the underground. He soon became the leader of the Soulscar Clan, but with the rituals, he was almost made to work with Kha-Beleth.[1] After many political failures, he left his brothers Sylsai and Menan, to rule the Soulscar Clan and the Nightshard Clan. He would've been forgotten, but the Shadowbrand Clan leader, Sorshan, rescued him and brought him to power.

In service of Kha-BelethEdit


Raelag's Inferno theme

Agrael rose rapidly through the ranks of Demon cultists to become a trusted right hand of the Demon Sovereign. His detractors call him reckless and over-ambitious, but Agrael's measured aggressiveness has made him a feared and respected leader in battle. He will attack when a good opportunity presents itself, and does not hesitate to take risks when the rewards are commensurate.OffBck

Raelag eventually became a Demon Lord and Kha-Beleth's personal servant. He managed to defeat 4 powerful Demon Lords, including Veyer, with whom shares grudge. Kha-Beleth was impressed and sent him to the Holy Griffin Empire to watch over Isabel.

He got involved with the demons and finally became the disciple of Kha-Beleth. His last task was to watch Queen Isabel and take her away to Sheogh. However, he fell in love with her and this made him a traitor. He had no choice but to foil Kha-Beleth's plans by stealing the Heart of the Griffin (which he used against Veyer). Afterwards, he needed to go to Tieru to purify him of Demon Magics using the Rite of True Nature.

As Shadowbrand ClanlordEdit


Raelag's Dungeon theme

Nothing is known of Raelag's past, and though he is direct and ruthless in battle his plans and tactics are kept as secret as his personal history. Because he often out-thinks, outflanks, and outmaneuvers his opponents, they move with a great deal of hesitation when facing him in battle. When up against this wily and intimidating warrior, his enemies often find themselves second-guessing their own plans.OffBck

After the ritual, he got to Ygg-Chall where the Shadowbrand Clan lost its leader, so Raelag got in the competition in which he succeeded. Then, he needed to get the other clans together - Malsara told him that he needs to get a Tear of Asha. Along with Shadya, Raelag defeated Nightshard Clan and got the Tear of Asha. Next, he got the most powerful clan, the Soulscars, to be defeated. Looking through the Burning Mirror, he learned that Kha-Beleth wanted to get Isabel, so with Shadya they marched through Sheogh to kill Veyer and save the Griffin Queen.

Later, Shadya and him joined Zehir, Godric and Findan to complete the Rite of True Nature. However, Shadya revealed to be Biara the whole time and took Isabel to Sheogh. The heroes went to Sheogh, defeated Kha-Beleth and saved Isabel.

Thralsai's uprisingEdit

After the fighting in Sheogh, Isabel and Raelag lived in the caverns of Ygg-Chall in peace. They were approached by Ylaya, who told them about Thralsai. Isabel and Raelag joined the fight against the Soulscar Clan's members. When Ylaya defeated Thralsai, Raelag consulted with Tieru. Tieru ordered for Isabel's child to be found and tells him to start to east. Raelag went there and was never seen again.


Heroes of Might and Magic VEdit

Raelag is a Warlock. As Agrael, he is a Demon Lord.


Hero Trait
Aura of Swiftness
The Initiative of all creatures in hero's army is increased by 1% per hero level.OffBck

Skills Perks
H5BasicGating Basic Gating
H5BasicAttack Basic Attack H5BattleFrenzy Battle Frenzy


Heroes V Edit
Hero Trait
Enemy units have penalty to Initiative, depending on hero level.OffBck

Skills Perks
H5BasicIrresistibleMagic Basic Irresistible Magic
H5BasicDefense Basic Defense H5Vitality Vitality
Tribes of the East Edit
Hero Trait
Master of Initiative
All creatures in hero's army get +1% to their Initiative and enemy creatures get -1% for their Initiative for every level of the hero.OffBck

H5BasicIrresistibleMagic Basic Irresistible Magic

Shades of DarknessEdit

In Shades of Darkness, Raelag is a Darkblade.

Fleet Feet
Fleet Feet

The Hero is granted the Haste spell, with 1 Movement bonus, and the mana cost of Haste and Mass Haste becoming 20% less.OffBck


Heroes of Might and Magic VEdit

The QueenEdit
  • The Trap: He began to climb through the ranks of Demons as Agrael until Kha-Beleth himself sent him on a mission to capture Queen Isabel.
  • The Fall of the King: Godric needs to free Isabel. Together, they need to confront Agrael for imprisoning Isabel.
The CultistEdit
  • The Betrayal: Raelag needs to reach Sheogh to protect himself from the Empire's wrath.
  • The Promise: Raelag learns that Kha-Beleth goes after the Heart of the Griffin, so Raelag needs to get the relic first before his forces arrive.
  • The Conquest: Raelag needs to pass through Irollan, although Elves will fight him.
  • The Ship: Raelag needs to capture Erewel to get the ship to Dragonmist Islands.
  • Agrael's Decision: At last, Raelag needs to find Tieru amidst the fog.
The WarlockEdit
  • The Clanlord: Raelag participates in the competition for becoming the Shadowbrand's Clanlord.
  • The Expansion: Raelag needs to find a way to unite the clans as soon as possible.
  • The Cultists: Shadya and Raelag need to defeat the Soulscar Clan to unite all clans.
  • The March: Raelag and Shadya need to cross the maze to get to Sheogh.
  • Raelag's Offer: Raelag needs to save Queen Isabel from Veyer's ambush.
The MageEdit
  • The Alliance: Raelag and Shadya came to help Isabel, so they join Findan, Zehir and Godric.
  • Zehir's Hope: The four heroes need to march to rescue Isabel from Kha-Beleth's plans.

Hammers of FateEdit

Ylaya's QuestEdit
  • The Meeting: Isabel and Raelag are told that Thralsai wants to restore Soulscar Clan's power.
  • Dragons: Raelag joins the fight against the Soulscar heretics.
  • The Decoupling: Raelag went to east for search for Isabel's demonic child.

Tribes of the EastEdit


Agrael's Trial: Raelag has climbed through the demon ranks and has one last test of his power... and trust.

Might & Magic: Heroes VIEdit

Final CampaignEdit

Tears Such as Angels Weep/Dark With Excessive Bright: In the end of the campaign, Raelag promises to defend the Dark Elves against the Wood Elves.

Shades of DarknessEdit

Dungeon CampaignEdit
  • The Other Elves: Raelag decides bring back Invisible Library and goes to Unicorn Duchy for Tuidhana's ashes. He faces angel named Erael and makes her tell about location of reliquary by violent way. Finally Raelag takes his mother's ashes and escapes into dungeon.
  • The Call of Malassa: Raelag competes with his brothers for title of Champion of Malassa. He passes all tests and wins, but Sylsai contests it. Sylsai goes to war with elder brother, and Raelag and Menan defeat him. Raelag becomes Champion of Malassa.
  • The Quest of the Unknown Tear: Raelag uses Tuidhana's ashes and teleports with his troops to place where locates Asha's tear. He fights with nagas and faces Mad Kirin. After Mad Kirin's death Raelag talks with Oshiro, which said that Asha's tear is all waters in this dungeon. Raelag finally finds salvation for his people.
  • The Doom That Came to Konos: Raelag becomes ruler of Invisible Library, new dark elves home. But he faces problems: demons of Kiril Griffin don't want to concede. Kiril starts to fight with Raelag but loses. Dark elves capture Library and it becomes capital named Konos.
Necropolis Campaign 2Edit
  • A Selfish Prayer for Light: Sandro, in Raelag's disguise, penetrates to Invisible Library and steals Asha's memories. Raelag became furious by this act.
  • A Fearful Hope: Vein and Belketh go to Raelag for his help. He signs agreement with Belketh and escorts necromancers to Invisible Library. It helps Vein to know cause of disease.


Raelag appears both in Might & Magic: Heroes VI, its add-on, Shades of Darkness and Heroes of Might and Magic V and in its add-on, Hammers of Fate.


  • "Agrael" is an anagram of Raelag. This is most likely intentional.




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