"Having been directed by the Chaos Oracle to a chain of islands just off the coast of Lodwar, Kozuss heads for an outpost on the island of Alagash. Though remote, many of the islands are populated by barbaric natives and mystical creatures that will surely stand in the way."

Race to the Flame is the second scenario in the Opposites Attract campaign in The Gathering Storm.

Information Edit

"The Flame of Chaos is hidden on one of the islands in this region, but you must find it before a rival claims it for herself."

Kozuss, after locating the chain of islands where the Flame of Chaos is hidden, battled the native Barbarians, as well as Chaos tribes that followed him there, and managed to track down the artifact.

Strategy Edit

Kozuss starts out with an Asylum on the large western island, with his opponent on the eastern island. There are two-way Portals from every island to the two closest, but there's a large force of Behemoths and Thunderbirds blocking the path between the two large islands, making early strikes very costly. The other portals are less defended.

The two neutral Strongholds are heavily defended, with high-level heroes and powerful creatures. Capturing them will give decent income, and building Wrestling Pits and Arenas of Honor can increase Kozuss's stats, but it may be wise to postpone that until after the orange forces have been dealt with.

There are two ways to strike at the orange armies: either engaging the forces guarding the portal, or going the long way around, visiting every island, until Kozuss can strike at their town. Taking them down isn't necessary, but it will make the scenario easier.

There's an Oracle on every island, leading the way to the Flame of Chaos. The only island without an Oracle is the volcanic island to the north, where the Flame is hidden, protected by black dragons and fire elementals. Trees of Knowledge, Coliseums, and Coliseums of Magic will help Kozuss reach the level cap before finishing the scenario.