Chaos & Tactics
Type Advanced class
Effect AbilityFireShieldIV (Permanent)

The Pyromancer is an advanced class in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, based on Chaos magic and Tactics. Any unit that performs a melee attack on a pyromancer takes fire damage, just like with the efreeti's Fire Shield ability.

Skills Edit

The Pyromancer is most likely to learn Tactics and Chaos magic and fairly likely to learn the Combat, Scouting and Nobility skills. Pyromancers cannot learn Life Magic or Order Magic when leveling up unless some basic training in those skills is already known.

Comments Edit

The Fire shield is great protection from enemy attacks, making them think twice about engaing the Pyromancer in melee.

It doesn't reduce enemy damage, however, so the Pyromancer can still be struck down, and it doesn't do anything in the case of ranged attacks.