Creature-rampart Wood Elf

Concept art of an Elf for Heroes of Might and Magic III.

The Pure-bloods, more commonly named the Vori Elves or Snow Elves, are the parent race of Elves who dwelled on Enroth, predating and later fathering the Renegades and the Dark Elves. Shuttled to the world by the Ancients through The Crossing, their race gradually relocated to the island of Vori, earning them their common name. Together with the Renegades (or Wood Elves), they were regarded as the light elves.


The Pure-bloods were the most populous race on Vori, and ruled over a strongly insular society. Very little is known of their traits or culture, as they rarely personally appear in the games, instead referred to in tales and dialogs. They are skilled archers, possess a strong aptitude for water magic, and apparently have some control over the relativity of time.

By the 1100s, few external individuals knew anything of their society; the few who had visited Vori included Alagar, Adelaide and the Minotaurs of Balthazar Lair. Pure-bloods are typically alabaster-skinned, and they lack red hair, a trait only known among their race to exist in half-Elves such as Gelu.

While the Vori do appear in Heroes Chronicles: The Sword of Frost, they are represented in gameplay by the Rampart faction, which is comprised of the Renegades. As such, their race's individual traits are never exhibited.


The first city in Pure-blood history was Volee, the lost capital of their race. It is believed that they either forged or inherited The Sword of Frost, which was enshrined there (burying the city beneath colossal glaciers and altering the climate of the entire isle in ages past). Their only known king is Sil-Gandir, who reigned during the early centuries AS in a period regarded as the Golden Age.

The monarchy was disestablished after his reign, possibly as a result of the cultural clash caused by the first Renegade Elvólas, who secretly departed the isle on the Mitetiiro with his peers - the younger generation - to settle in Antagarich, against the blessing of their elders.

In the 1170s, the years before the Reckoning, Vori was invaded by armies from the Forest Guard, Krewlod and Nighon, respectively led by the half-Elf Gelu, Kija (the wife of Kilgor) and the Immortal Hero, Tarnum, each seeking the Sword of Frost with interconnected and conflicting motives. Most of their number supported and aided Gelu, though the sect remaining deep within the city of Volee remained neutral. While Tarnum overcame all three opposing armies, defeating the Voleean commanders Vol and Larn, Kija reached Volee before him.

What became of the Pure-bloods after the Reckoning is unclear, though it is generally accepted that they survived and rejoined their fellows, assimilating into the kingdom of Aranorn.

Notable individualsEdit

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