Proetho is one of the main characters of The True Blade, the Haven campaign from Heroes of Might and Magic IV. He is a large, gluttonous Priest that accompanies Lysander on his quest.


Some say Proetho is too loud and boisterous to be a priest. Not only that, he is entirely too gluttonous. He can be found at every feast - invited or not. But he is also a good man to have around, especially on the battlefield where he is a force to be reckoned with.OffBck

Proetho was a priest in service of Adamus. He decided to join Lysander in the quest to prove Worton was a fraud. The quest got them (as well as Lady Desette and Sir Kentaine) to Paledon, where he met his sister again, Porsha, who was glad to see him back.


Proetho appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.