All heroes attain ability in the four Primary Skills - Attack, Defense, Spell Power and Knowledge. Martially oriented heroes, like Knights and Rangers, will have their Attack and Defense skills advance more rapidly. Magic heroes, like Wizards and Necromancers, will more often gain Power and Knowledge.

Attack: Hero's Attack Skill number is added to each of their creature's attack rating, increasing the amount of damage they do in combat.

Defense: A hero's Defense Skill number is added to each of their creature's defense rating, which decreses the amount of damage they take from enemy attacks.

Power: When hero casts a spell, their Power skill number determines how powerfully the spell is cast. The skill most often determines how long a spell's effect lasts or how much damage it does.

Knowledge: Each point of Knowledge hero possesses adds ten points to their maximum spell point total. Spell Points are spent when spells are cast.

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