"Firing aimlessly into the enemy is a tactic used too often by foolish commanders. Why leave to chance what you can control?"
Presicion is a first-level order magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs two spell points and increases the target's Ranged Attack by 25%, and also gives the target no penalty for range, walls or obstacles.


This spell is quite powerful, especially during siege combat, as it at counteracts the protective nature of castle walls and partially counteracts the tower bonus. When cast on an already-mighty ranged stack, such as titans, it allows them to do the same damage (or more, depending on obstacles) as a stack that is one-quarter again as large. However, you cannot cast this spell on your own army if your hero is wearing the Mind Shield. As it is considered a mind spell, undead heroes and mechanical creatures are unaffected. The Crown of Enchantment can confer on the caster the ability to target some otherwise immune creatures with mind spells.

Note the spell does not ensure the boosted stack will always do full ranged damage, if there are two or more factors affecting ranged damage (such as distance and an obstacale) you might only do half damage (compared to one quarter damage without the spell).

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