Pratlan Blacksword, one of the mad Blacksword brothers, is an antagonist in Might Makes Right, the Might campaign from The Gathering Storm. Like his brothers, he possessed a part of the potent Armor of the Tiger, and ruled a small kingdom.


Pratlan Blacksword features in The Uncivil War, the third and last scenario from Might Makes Right. He is located in the small underground cave, and is prevent to leave it by a quest guard that allows only the campaign protagonist Dogwoggle to pass.

Pratlan is a Level 31 Assassin, equipped with four artifacts: the Equestrian's Gloves, the Amulet of Fear, the Ring of Regeneration and the Unnatural Armor. He is skilled in Basic Tactics, Advanced Leadership, Advanced Combat, Expert Archery, Expert Magic Resistance, Advanced Scouting, Expert Pathfinding, Master Death Magic, Master Occultism, Master Demonology and Master Necromancy.

Pratlan knows the Raise Ghost, Raise Skeletons, Raise Vampires and Regeneration spells. When encountered, he will have learned further spells from his Necropolis's Tower of Darkness. Pratlan starts with no army, but from the 14th day he will receive 20 skeletons, 15 cerberi and 1 bone dragon weekly from a continuous event, in addition to the troops he will recruit from the town.

Battling and defeating Pratlan is mandatory. He doesn't have the Tiger Helm, but the quest guard guarding the artifact will require the player to eliminate Pratlan.


An Assassin, Pratlan Blacksword ruled the land of Kuldross. Like his two brothers, he somehow got in possession of the Tiger Helm, a powerful artifact that was a component of the Armor of the Tiger. The relations between the three brothers were not very good, partially because each of them desired to obtain the other two artifacts.

During the events of Heroes IV: The Gathering Storm, another contender for the full power of the Tiger artifacts rose. Dogwoggle the Barbarian embarked on a quest that took him in the kingdoms of the Blacksword brothers in search for the three relics. He successfully retrieved the first two artifacts, and then challenged Pratlan as the final part of his journey.

In the same time, a big uprising was shaking Kuldross, so Pratlan safely retreated to his underground fortress and waited for the commotions to end. He didn't took the Tiger Helm with him; rather, he looked it and charged a strong Barbarian to guard it. The identity of this guardian is uncertain, but it seems that he and Dogwoggle knew each other.

Dogwoggle slipped through the battling lords, and sieged Pratlan's bastion, defeating him. Not finding the Helm in the underground, he then started to scout the surface, and came across the Gate that guarded the artifact. The Barbarian guardian, recognizing Dogwoggle and learning that Pratlan has been defeated, allowed the hero to pass and collect his reward: the Tiger Helm,


Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm