"You have to agree , there is nothing quite as appealing as gloating over your enemy as they die ever so slowly."

Poison is a first-level Death Magic spell that costs two spell points and does a certain amount of damage per turn to a chosen target until the target dies, receives a Heal or Mass Healing spell, or the combat ends. It does not require line of sight.


Poison can be cast by:

  • A hero with Basic Death magic - Does 11 damage per turn plus 1 per level of the hero, or up to 2 with the Demonology skill.
  • The Mage (Academy unit) - Does 2.4 damage per mage, per turn (fractions always rounded down).

Poison can also be delivered by an attack, under the following circumstances:

A creature can be afflicted with both Poison, and Plague at the same time. Poison cannot be removed with Exorcism nor can it be dispelled - only a heal, mass healing spell, or Divine Intervention can remove it before combat ends.

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