The phoenix is a fourth-level creature for the Preserve town in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

The phoenix has several abilities. The first is Breath Attack. With this, the phoenix can breathe a flame through two enemies. This is always useful for those who look for its advantages in battle.

The second is Fire Resistance. This means the phoenix has immunity to fire-based spells and effects and takes less damage from fire based attacks.

If the stack of phoenixes dies, the ability Rebirth is activated automatically, bringing a certain percentage back to life based on how many were killed.(i.e. 100 Phoenixes perish, around 22 get brought back). But more are brought back if the ability is used manually while most of the phoenixes are still alive.

phoenixes are just good all-around. They fight well, they move very far, and they get to go first in almost every battle.

The Phoenix has better stats than the faerie dragon, but lacks the latter's ability to do damage at a distance through magic.

Abilities Edit

Flying allows this creature to fly over obstacles, creatures, heroes, and castle walls.

This creature can use the Rebirth ability to return to life after it is killed in combat. If all are killed before they have used this ability, a portion will automatically be reborn.

This creature's Breath Attack allows it to attack with a blast of fire that may also harm creatures directly behind an enemy target.

Fire Resistance makes this creature immune to fire-based spells, and to damage from breath attacks if the creature is a secondary target. The creature also takes half damage from enemies with fire-based attacks.

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