Captain Pherlon is a Mage in Heroes of Might and Magic IV. He doesn't appear in any maps or campaigns, and can only be found in the editor.

He was intented to appear in Unity, one of the cut campaigns, and will play a central part when the campaigns are published as the Lost Tales of Axeoth.


Overall, Pherlon's life has been relatively uneventful with the exception of a few pirate raids on his merchant ship. He has been rich, poor, rich, and poor again. He also fell in love once, married, and fell out of love. Hence, Pherlon has developed an endless store of patience and a practical outlook toward life.OffBck


Heroes IVEdit

Pherlon is a Mage.

Heroes VIIEdit


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Pherlon was to appear in Heroes of Might and Magic IV, but was cut. However, he appears in Might & Magic: Heroes VII, and in the Heroes IV collectible card game.