Petros is a minor character in the PlayStation version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. He is a guard that can be found outside the shop on the Citadel.

Once Drake has retrieved the money that Johnathan owed his brother Nikolai, Nikolai gives him a fire gem and tells him to give it to his other brother Petros, who will reward him.

Petros gives Drake a battle axe. If Drake leaves and then returns, Petros will give him a new quest: deliver an Okham's talisman to his superior officer, Lieutenant Foss. Petros was meant to deliver it before his shift started, but forgot.

When Drake delivers the item to Foss, the lieutenant tells him that they have enough talismans in their storehouses to outfit a battalion, but he just wanted to make sure Petros turned it in. He tells Drake to keep the artifact.