"Efforts to turn all damage back to its origin failed, so we had to settle on a sort of balanced retribution… for now."
Pain Mirror is a fifth-level Order Magic spell in Heroes of Might and Magic IV that costs twelve spell points and causes half the damage done to a friendly target to be done to the attacker as well. The reflected damage cannot exceed the hit points of the target.


The physical damage counterpart to the Magic Mirror spell, Pain Mirror is best when cast on beefy friendly targets, the hardier, the better. Note that the spell does not confer any hit point or defensive bonuses, it simply returns damage, one for two. Since you must take damage in order to deal it with this spell, its uses are limited to the same situations in which one would use a stack's natural retaliation for maximum effectiveness.

It does not work against direct damage spells or ranged attacks, and is negated by spell immunities and resistances. It is not affected by First Strike abilities, however. For the reasons stated above, although it has certain situational uses, Pain Mirror is generally considered to be the least desirable among fifth-level Order spells.

In the Equilibris mod, the spell duration is limited to five combat rounds, and ignores resistances and immunities.