Orruk is a seer that appears in the Returning to Bracada scenario of the Birth of a Barbarian campaign in Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death. Yog must deliver the Sword of Judgement to him.

Biography Edit

Orruk was a seer living in Bracada, next to his friend Beleg. When Yog was offered a place in Krewlod's armies, Duke Winston Boragus also gave him a test to show his commitment: he was to take the pieces of the Angelic Alliance and distribute the pieces to seers in Tatalia, Erathia, and Bracada. The Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment was to be taken to Beleg, while the Sword of Judgement was to be delivered to Orruk.

When he reached Bracada, Yog's scouts quickly located the two seers, but he had to fight his way past Aine and the Bracadan forces to reach them. He first visited Beleg and gave him the helm. Then, he went to Orruk and gave him the sword. Once he'd delivered both items, Orruk gave him a Pendant of Courage to take back to Duke Boragus as proof that his quest had been completed.