Oreha is a Barbarian and antagonist in the Lambent Plains scenario of the Masters of Magic campaign from Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm.


Oreha was one of the most powerful clan lords from the tribes ruled by Chief Yargtooth. When Chief Yargtooth passed away, he passed kingship to his only daughter, Violet. A part of the Barbarian rejected Violet's female rule; Oreha was the most vehement and strong of the rebels.

In order to quell the rebellion, Violet signed a symbiotic deal with the Archmage Bohb: the Mage will use his spells against the Barbarian usurpers, and Violet will use her force to help Bohb retrieve a set of magical artifacts.

The rebels were unable to fight back against the duo, so Oreha smartly moved in Lambent Plains and made a deal of his own with Alberon, a Crusader in possession of one of the relics for which Bohb vied. Violet and Bohb eventually arrived in Lambent Plains with a double objective in mind: the elimination of Oreha, and the obtaining of Alberon's Angelfeather's Cloak. The two heroes faced an unified front, but managed to squash the opposition. Following a defeat against his rightful monarch, Oreha was captured and Violet's quest of unifying her father's tribes ended.


Oreha is a Level 20 General equipped with the Barbarian Throwing Club, the Adamantine Armor and the Halberd of the Swiftwatch.

Oreha is skilled in Expert Tactics, Advanced Offense, Advanced Defense, Advanced Leadership, Grandmaster Combat, Grandmaster Melee, Grandmaster Archery and Basic Magic Resistance. With this selection of skills and artifacts, Oreha is a formidable foe.

One of the mission's objective is to defeat Oreha.


Oreha appears in Heroes of Might and Magic IV: The Gathering Storm.