"She's a highly spiritual woman - beyond anything I have ever seen. The future, the past, the present - all these things are meaningless to one of her wisdom."
The Oracle of the Dawn is a character appearing in The True Blade, the Haven campaign from Heroes of Might and Magic IV. She appears in the Trials scenario, and is mentioned several others.


The Oracle of the Dawn is a spiritual individual that can see great secrets from the past and the future, and supposedly predicted the Reckoning years before it happened.

The path to her temple was protected by several trials, and when Lysander sought her wisdom, he was required to give up riches and powerful artifacts, and suffer incredible pain, to reach her. He was then given the choice between learning the location of his lost siblings, or learn the truth about Sir Worton's background. Lysander chose the latter, and she spoke these words: "To seek the blood, seek the steel. The first step of many, take towards the Wheel." Lysander travelled to the Wheel, and eventually found the true Gryphonheart blade and learned the truth about Worton's family.

Physically, Squire Milton describes her as about his age (which, if true, would put her in her thirties), and "attractive and shapely, with strawberry hair hanging in kinky strands down her back. The Oracle wore a simple yellow robe cinched at her hips with a silver chain."



The True BladeEdit

The Trials: When Lysander talks to her, he finds out that to discover Worton's family line he needs to seek in the Wheel.


The oracle appears only in Heroes of Might and Magic IV.