Open Gate for Crusaders is a quest in the PC version of Crusaders of Might and Magic. After delivering Ursan's blank message to Dain, Drake heads to the eastern part of Stronghold to use the Horn of Shattering on the gates.

Walkthrough Edit

Drake traveled back to Duskwood and headed towards the eastern part of Stronghold. Here, he faced the strongest members of the Legion of the Fallen - dark mages, dark masters, and archmages. Cutting them down, he entered the Stronghold itself, and fought his way to the western part. Here, he opened the gates to let the other Crusaders through.

Though he didn't find Ursan or Celestia here, he met Aerrin, who told him that Necros had escaped in his Juggernaut. He was now heading towards the Citadel, and she offered to fly after the Juggernaut in her skyship so that Drake could take take him down.