Offense is a secondary skill in Heroes of Might and Magic III, common to all Barbarian heroes. When learned by a hero, it increases the amount of hand-to-hand damage their troops will inflict in combat by 10% per skill level.

The skill becomes a subschool under the Tactics skill in Heroes IV. Offense returns in Heroes V, this time dubbed "Attack".


Level Icon Effect
Basic Offense OffenseBasicHIII Inflicted damage is increased by 10%.
Advanced Offense OffenseAdvancedHIII Inflicted damage is increased by 20%.
Expert Offense OffenseExpertHIII Inflicted damage is increased by 30%.

Probability of learning OffenseEdit

All 18 classes can learn Offense. Out of 112 chances, Barbarians have 10 chances to receive Offense on level up. Planeswalkers have 9 chances, Demoniacs, Overlords and Battle Mages have 8, Knights and Death Knights have 7 and Alchemists receive 6.

Rangers have five chances, Clerics and Heretics have 4, Necromancers have 3, Witches have 2 and all other classes have only 1 chance.

Heroes who start with OffenseEdit

Heroes who begin the game with the Offense skill as standard include:

Offense specialistsEdit

Heroes who specialise in the Offense skill receive an additional 5% bonus to their Offense skill per experience level. They include: