A noose woman is a monster that appears in Might and Magic: The Dreamwright and Might and Magic: The Shadowsmith. They looked like blonde women with long, shimmering hair, sharp claws, and monstrous eyes. They only appeared in moonlight, and were found in the Aulmad.

When Diligence's caravan traveled near the Aulmad on their way to the Unseen Wall, Welleck listed the monsters they were in danger of meeting, including "golden-haired Noose Women, trembling for the moon to rise". Intrigued by this, Hitch was about to ask for more information about the "moral nature and physical attributes" of the creatures, but the discussion was interrupted. When Pomponderant was describing his experiences in the Aulmad, Hitch asked him if he'd run into any noose women. "You know - with the golden hair and all?" The scholar gave him a curious side glance.

After Hitch and Jassad Attqua fell through the portal in the crystal palace and ended up in the Aulmad, Hitch spotted a glimpse of golden hair in the forest just as the moon rose. He heard a "wailing song filled with grief and desire", but when he saw the creature, his stomach clenched in fear, and he ran blindly across the field before falling into a pit. Obediently following his every move, Jassad fell in after him.

While they were trapped in the hole, the noose woman would periodically appear at the edge to scratch her claws in the dirt and stare down at them. When Hitch fell asleep, she sent a curling braid of sticky hair into the hole and touched his face, but he rolled away. In a fit of boredom and despair, Hitch idly repeated the hand signals that The Reference had once shown him, and accidentally restored Jassad's consciousness from the coma it had been in since his arrival on the planet. Jassad chased the noose woman away with a blast of energy from his hand, and flew them out of the pit.

As Jassad was running across the Siccative with Hitch on his back, on their way to the golden ship, Hitch suddenly saw a dozen noose women in their way, hissing at them. He yelled for Jassad to run the other way, but Jassad saw nothing out of the ordinary. They soon realized that a trammeler was casting illusions on them, trying to herd them into its nest, but The Reference gave Jassad the ability to sort false images from real ones.

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