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Noboru is a quest of the Herald of the Void campaign in Might & Magic: Duel of Champions.


To access the quest, the quest, Adar-Malik, must be completed, and five quick battles must be won.

Vein remembers Adar-Malik, as they both hated each other, during the time in Al-Betyl. Now, Adar-Malik is Belketh's reaper. Vein stopped Myranda from Adar-Malik's execution, who replies he was hunting rebellious necromancers. He learned that Vein was with a mercenary group and assumed Vein led the rebellious necromancers. Before they can do anything further, the group was approached by a certain naga, who has seen one of the group members before. He is impressed by the battle they had with Akane, his sister. Regardless, he challenges them to a battle, to prove if they are worthy of challenging their mistress, who is much more powerful than Akane and is even gathering forces as they speak.

Noboru casts dark spells, has the Light of Tomorrow spell and has creatures with Outmanoeuvre.